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Monday, August 27, 2012

Alternate Contact Information: Tropical Storm Isaac

As Hurricane Isaac enters the Gulf Coast, we are activating our Canal Barge Company Emergency Preparedness Plan. Is it possible that Hurricane Isaac may result in a loss of power for the CBC New Orleans and/or Sulphur areas. In order to continue our operations, you can continue to call the New Orleans office phone number (504-581-2424), the Sulphur office phone number (337-527-3314), and the three 800 or 888 numbers we have. As of Tuesday morning (August 28), all of those numbers will be forwarded to an auto attendant that will list a number of options to be connected to a designated CBC representative. Below is the recording you will hear if you dial either of these numbers. If you choose an option and there is no answer, you will be forwarded to an answering service.  We will resume normal phone operations when conditions return to normal. Please stay safe during Hurricane Isaac.

Auto Attendant Message

You have reached Canal Barge Company. This line is activated because of a telephone outage in the greater New Orleans area. If you are calling between the hours of 5 pm and 8 am Central Time, please press 0. If you are calling between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm Central Time, please listen to the following menu of options.

To report a Vessel Emergency, or to speak with Tank and Hopper Barge Dispatch, press 1

For Vessel Operations or the Port Captain, press 2

For Deck Barge Dispatch and Sales, press 3

For Information Systems/Help Desk, press 4

For Barge Maintenance, press 5

For Boat Maintenance, press 6

For Crewing and Personnel press 7

For Tank Barge Sales and Marketing, press 8

For Hopper Barge Sales and Marketing, press 9

For Vessel Readiness, press star

For the Operator, press 0.

Thank you