Marine Transportation

Marine Transportation

When you’re successful, so are we. That’s why we want your business to continue moving forward. We constantly seek to make marine transportation as efficient as possible while ensuring the safety of your cargo and the environment. With state-of-the-art equipment and the most highly skilled employees the industry has to offer, Canal Barge takes every measure to ensure that your cargo arrives where it should, when it should, as it should.

Liquid Cargo

Canal Barge combines a modern, diverse fleet with professional mariners and highly trained logisticians to ensure safe, efficient transportation of your liquid goods.

Dry Cargo

Canal Barge brings an unparalleled level of management to dry cargo movements through logistical support and exemplary customer service.

Deck & Project Services

No matter what you need to move or where you need to move it, we have the flexibility and logistical expertise to get your cargo safely to its destination.

Towing Services

When the opportunity presents itself, we provide our clients with third-party towing options within our reliable towing routes.