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Monday, October 4, 2010

CTC Announces Construction of Tank Truck/Tank Car Direct Transfer Station

Canal Terminal Company (CTC), a subsidiary of Canal Barge Company, has announced the start of construction on a new dedicated tank truck/tank car direct transfer facility at its bulk liquid storage and handling facility in Joliet, IL. CTC has become a recognized leader in the Chicago area for the storage and handling of a wide variety of hazardous and non-hazardous liquid products. Over the past 10 years, the facility has grown to include over 545,000 bbls (22,890,000 gals) of liquid storage, 3 barge docks, 4 rail spurs 5 truck scales, 1 tank car scale and an on-site laboratory facility. According to Merritt Lane, President/CEO of Canal Barge Company, “the addition of this direct transfer facility will further enhance and support Canal Terminal Company’s position as a premium provider of bulk liquid handling services in the greater Chicago area”. CTC is served via the CSXT.

Once completed, Canal’s new direct transfer facility will allow for products to be transferred directly between tank cars and tank trucks, bypassing the need for storage. All transfer lines will be constructed of stainless steel, and products will be transferred utilizing either nitrogen gas pressure or dedicated pumps. Tank trucks will be loaded directly on a covered 90’ truck scale allowing for multiple compartment loading without the need to pull on and off the scale. Should product heating be required, CTC can provide either hot oil or hot water, depending on the individual requirements. In order to maximize the functionality of the facility, CTC will provide for all intra-plant rail car switching by means of a multi-car capacity rail mover.

Planning for the new facility began over a year ago when it became clear that the overall economic conditions were negatively impacting the ability for various chemical producers and users to source material into the Chicago area in a cost efficient manner. Per Del Wilkins, Canal VP Development and Operations, “we recognized that several of our best customers were delaying, or even canceling, plans to deliver product into storage due to the under-performing economy. Our job at CTC is to find solutions that promote growth, whether by adding new facilities or by assisting our customers with bundled services. Our new direct transfer facility will help those companies unable, at present, to support dedicated tankage.” Over time, CTC is confident many of their direct transfer customers will move into dedicated storage facilities.

Canal Terminal Company is widely recognized as a premium provider of storage services in the Chicago area. CTC employs the latest in technology, including automated handling systems and sophisticated product measuring and monitoring devices. In addition, they pride themselves on superior environmental, safety and regulatory programs. According to Wilkins, “prospective customers of our new facility can rest assured that we will offer the same exacting standards for safety and regulatory compliance that we adhere to at our primary storage facility. We are confident that the systems and operational support we intend to provide will quickly differentiate Canal Terminal Company from its peers.”

For additional information contact Jim Lacy @ 985-727-1840 (o), 504-495-2980 (c) or JLACY@canalterminal.com