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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Texas Transportation Institute’s Study – Impact of Locks and Dams on America’s Agriculture Economy

The Texas Transportation Institute’s Center for Ports and Waterways conducted a study titled America’s Locks & Dams: “A Ticking Time Bomb for Agriculture?” analyzing the significance of the waterways system to America’s agricultural economy and the potential national impact should a catastrophic failure of lock and dam infrastructure happen. The study was commissioned by the United Soybean Board.

The deteriorating condition of the nation’s lock and dam infrastructure imperils the ability of marine transportation to provide consistent service that enables the U.S. agriculture industry to continue to compete. Maintaining America’s an efficient waterways system is critical to the long-term success of our industry and to our nation’s economy.

Please visit WaterwaysCouncil.org for more information or click the link below to view a the official study.

TTI Study on America’s Locks and Dams