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Monday, October 28, 2013

100% of CBC Fleet Pass USCG Bridging Program Re-Examination

We’re proud to announce that all CBC boats have been re-examined by the U.S. Coast Guard under their Uninspected Towing Vessel (UTV) Examination Programs and received decals indicating that they are compliant with Coast Guard regulations. All boats had been issued decals three years ago but they expired this year and so were required to be re-examined. While this program is voluntary, it is important to both CBC and our customers that our boats have up-to-date decals indicating that they are compliant with regulations. The examinations are part of the Towing Vessel Bridging Program, which is a joint program between the towing industry and the Coast Guard to prepare vessels to comply with the forthcoming Subchapter M regulation.

Our success is thanks to the hard work of Assistant Port Captain Daryl Wheeler and all of our Captains. Daryl’s working with the boats and scheduling the exams at a convenient time for each boat and good working relationship with local Coast Guard examiners allowed us to finish all but one boat ahead of schedule (the last boat was delayed by the government shutdown at the beginning of October). We’re proud to say that, even with that delay, we were still the first of the major towing vessel companies to have our entire fleet be re-examined.