Current Boat Positions - Inside

BoatRiver MileDir As of
Bill AtkinsonLower Mississippi577.0S/B11/28 06:00
Bull CalfLower Mississippi River229.0N/B11/28 14:00MAP
CarolineHouston Ship Channel384.0N/B11/28 06:00
ChoctawHouston Ship Channel388.0N/B11/28 06:00
CoushattaLower Mississippi River247.7N/B11/28 14:00MAP
Don BolingLower Mississippi449.0S/B11/28 06:00
Elizabeth LaneLower Mississippi477.0S/B10/27 06:00
Elly LaneLower Mississippi River141.0S/B11/28 14:00MAP
Eugenie J. HugerLower Mississippi322.0N/B11/28 06:00
Eugenie P. JonesLower Mississippi River686.7S/B11/28 14:00MAP
Frank J. GolemiEast Canal7.0E/B11/28 06:00
George RoweWest Canal5.0E/B11/28 06:00
Gerald MajorsLower Mississippi439.0S/B11/28 06:00
Hallie M. MerrickHouston Ship Channel377.0S/B11/28 06:00
HamiltonIllinois River194.8N/B11/28 14:00MAP
Heavy LaneLower Mississippi574.0N/B11/28 06:00
InnovatorWest Canal90.0E/B11/28 06:00
IntegrityHouston Ship Channel377.0S/B11/28 06:00
Jane MerrickWest Canal415.0E/B11/28 06:00
Joseph Merrick JonesUpper Mississippi103.0N/B11/28 06:00
Killian L HugerIllinois River243.4N/B11/28 14:00MAP
Lainey JonesLower Mississippi228.0S/B11/28 06:00
Lake CharlesWest Canal522.0W/B11/28 06:00
LibertyLower Mississippi125.0N/B11/28 06:00
Liz SlossWest Canal595.0E/B11/28 06:00
Luke BurtonLower Mississippi River859.2S/B11/28 14:00MAP
Lydia E. CampbellIllinois River92.5N/B11/28 10:00MAP
Mary Lucy LaneLower Mississippi952.0S/B11/28 06:00
Merrick JonesLower Mississippi River579.1N/B11/28 14:00MAP
Ned MerrickIllinois River70.0N/B11/28 06:00
SpiritHouston Ship Channel377.0W/B11/28 06:00
Susan J. GundlachLower Mississippi93.0N/B11/28 06:00
Susan L. StallIllinois River63.0S/B11/28 06:00
Walter HagestadLower Mississippi656.0N/B11/28 06:00

Current Boat Positions - Outside

BoatRiver MileDir As of
Cajun HustlerLower Mississippi228.0S/B11/28 06:00