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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Our Nation’s Waterways ‘Keep America Moving’

Waterways Council, Inc. (WCI) is the national public policy organization that advocates for a properly funded and well-maintained system of inland waterways and ports.

A few years ago, WCI created a 3 minute video highlighting the critical value of America’s waterways to the economy, the environment, energy efficiency, traffic congestion relief, exports, and to our quality of life. Click here to watch the video.

WCI also partnered with the United Soybean Board to create a 30 second commercial focusing on the impact our industry has on American the economy. Maintaining an efficient waterways system is critical to the long-term success of our industry and to our nation’s economy. Click here to watch the 30 second video.

Our Nation’s Waterways Keep America and Its Products Moving

You can also visit the Waterways Council, Inc. website to learn more about their ongoing efforts to keep the inland waterways system a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.