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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Illinois Marine Towing Acquires Lemont, IL Harbor Services Operations of ARTCO

Illinois Marine Towing (IMT), Canal Barge Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, acquired the Lemont, Illinois harbor services operations of ARTCO (a transportation subsidiary of Archer Daniels Midland) on April 29, 2016.

We have already begun the transition of people and equipment into the IMT family and operation. This acquisition presented an opportunity to expand the operations of Illinois Marine Towing in the Chicago region. Del Wilkins, President of IMT, will oversee the transition of this operation into IMT.

The acquisition included 6 vessels, and we are pleased to announce the boats have been renamed. Canal  Barge Company’s northern operations (including IMT, Canal Terminal Company and Canal Analytical and Environmental Services) held a contest to name the new boats. We are pleased to announce the names for these IMT Towboats.

MV Chicago Merchant, formerly the Bill Arnold
MV Chicago Warrior, formerly the Donna Jean
MV Harbor Runner, formerly the Joe Avery
MV Midwest Leader, formerly the Buster White
MV Illini Courage, formerly the Pat White
MV Prairie State, formerly the Harvest Run

The opportunity to name a vessel is quite rare. It is a significance to be cherished and an honor that will live on within the history of IMT and overall tow boating industry. Capt. Tony Lopez, Micky Popplewell, Maria Torres, and Mike Blaske submitted the winning names.